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In October 1998, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (Board) designated a portion of McLean, which encompasses the entire boundary of the McLean CBC, as a Commercial Revitalization District (CRD). The CRD is a Zoning Ordinance Overlay District that provides for greater flexibility in applying certain zoning regulations; facilitated administrative procedures for development review; concurrent Comprehensive Plan (Plan) amendments with zoning applications; and, special zoning ordinance provisions relating to parking reductions and area identification signage.

In 1998, the Board also adopted an amendment to the Plan for the McLean CBC to foster redevelopment, and create opportunities to improve the physical condition of the non-residential areas, sustain current and attract complementary non-residential uses, encourage the stability of the surrounding residential neighborhoods, and create a strong sense of place. The Plan envisions the creation of community focal points that will provide a pedestrian-oriented main street in a south village, and aesthetically integrated commercial uses in a north village.

The CBC is comprised of a number of sub-areas that include Redevelopment Areas, which are those areas most likely to change and are concentrated around the north and south village core areas; Stabilization and Enhancement Areas, which are smaller parcels within the CBC that have the potential for redevelopment; Buffer Areas, which are on the fringes of the CBC, and include critical areas adjacent to single-family neighborhoods; and, Areas of Minimum Change, in which new development is unlikely, although some infill development or redevelopment with parcel consolidation may occur. In May 2008, the Board adopted the McLean Open Space Design Standards to provide guidance on sidewalks, streetscape, and building character in the CBC. In 2013, the Board adopted editorial edits to the Plan to clarify guidance for the McLean CBC; and, in 2014, approved an amendment to the Plan that re-designated the properties located northeast of Elm Street and southwest of Fleetwood Road from an Area of Minimum Change to a Redevelopment Area.

In November 2016, the Board of Supervisors approved a Comprehensive Plan amendment to increase the intensity of certain properties along Beverly Road in the McLean Commercial Revitalization District (CRD). This action will establish a new high density residential node to address certain changes to the Code of Virginia.

Download the McLean CRD Revitalization Report, August 2015

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