Spring 2011: Volume 4, Issue 1

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Table of Contents

  1. Commercial Reinvestment Plan for Lake Anne Released
  2. Penn Daw Special Study: PA ST10-IV-MV1 Now Underway
  3. Costco Approved for Richmond Highway
  4. Plan Amendment Adopted for Richmond Highway Revitalization District
  5. Special Assessment Approved for Mosaic Community Development Authority
  6. Springfield Development Activity
  7. Celebrations of Lincoln in the Bailey's Crossroads Revitalization District
  8. Multiple Zoning Cases Filed in Tysons
  9. Tysons Partnership Taking Shape

Commercial Reinvestment Plan for Lake Anne Released

Building upon the momentum generated by the amendment to the Comprehensive Plan for the Lake Anne Village Center (LAVC), the OCRR retained Alvarez & Marsal and The Eisen Group, to develop a Commercial Reinvestment Plan (CRP) for the LAVC. The CRP contains an assessment of current conditions affecting the non-residential uses in the LAVC, and provides short and long term strategies to stabilize and sustain current establishments and attract viable and complementary new non-residential establishments to the LAVC. Implementation of the CRP is intended to sustain and increase the shorter-term viability of the LAVC as a mixed-use center, and to facilitate the process of achieving the longer-term community goal of redeveloping the property adjacent to Washington Plaza with compatible mixed-use development.

The CRP is organized around four functional areas: administration and organization; marketing, events and promotions; physical improvements and design; and, business mix and economic restructuring. The CRP identifies objectives, challenges and opportunities, and provides specific strategies and actions to accomplish the objectives of each functional area.

The CRP identifies six potential development concepts for the LAVC. Community preference is for a combination of concepts, but ranked highest is the concept that the LAVC should become a "Food and Dining" destination, supplemented by entertainment and the arts. Additional residential and consumer density will be necessary in order to provide the needed market support for the additional retail and service businesses envisioned. The preferred development concept for the LAVC serves as a basis for the strategies outlined in the CRP to reposition the market orientation and commercial identity of the LAVC. It also serves as a guide for desired leasing and tenant recruitment efforts in the shorter-term, and as a tool for linking existing uses to the future redevelopment of the LAVC according to the 2009 Comprehensive Plan Amendment. [Return to Table of Contents]

Penn Daw Special Study: PA ST10-IV-MV1 Now UnderwayPennDawAerial

The Board of Supervisors authorized a Penn Daw Special Study Plan Amendment which directed staff to work with the surrounding community and the property owners on the future vision of the approximately 15 acre land area west of North Kings Highway and south of School Street, as well as the adjacent triangular-shaped land area located east of North Kings Highway and west of Richmond Highway.

A nine-member task force, representing both Lee and Mount Vernon Districts, was formed and has held several meetings since December 2010 to brainstorm ideas about the vision for the area, and consider potential land use options for redevelopment. Concept plans and renderings developed by OCRR were used to facilitate discussion
among the community, staff and property owners regarding the future land use, building heights, density and the transportation network in the Community Business Center. In April 2011, a community meeting was held to present property owner proposals for redeveloping this area. The Task Force will consider the feedback received from the community about those proposals as it continues to deliberate upon this matter and select development options for staff to analyze. The County anticipates hiring a consultant to provide an independent assessment of the market viability of each development option. [Return to Table of Contents]

Costco Approved for Richmond Highway

Richmond Highway Costco

On April 26, 2011, the Board of Supervisors approved a Special Exception application to permit the development of a Costco on the vacant Multiplex theater site located at 7940 Richmond Highway in the Hybla Valley/Gum Springs Community Business Center. The new Costco will be 143,416 square feet in size at an FAR of 0.28 on the 11.88 acre site. The development conditions address issues such as the proposed building's orientation, appearance and site design, LEED certification, and transportation and access management. [Return to Table of Contents]

Plan Amendment Adopted for Richmond Highway Revitalization District

On February 22, 2011, the Board of Supervisors approved an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan for a 28.1 acre site in the North Gateway Community Business Area located west of Richmond Highway, north of Huntington Avenue, east of Hunting Creek Road, and south of the Fairfax County-City of Alexandria line. The Amendment provides for a development potential of 61 du/ac and 1.60 FAR, with ground floor office, retail or restaurant use and structured parking. The Amendment results in the potential for approximately 500 new dwelling units in buildings of 4-5 stories in height; additional open space that could provide areas for urban park amenities including a linear park along the shoreline of Cameron Run; re-vegetation of the Cameron Run floodplain; opportunities for additional open space in other portions of the subject area; and for the installation of stormwater management facilities on the site that exceed minimum requirements for water quantity and quality of stormwater runoff. [Return to Table of Contents]

Special Assessment Approved for Mosaic Community Development Authority

MosaicOn April 26, 2011, the Board of Supervisors adopted an amendment to the ordinance to provide for a special assessment to be levied on real property within the District (Mosaic District Community Development Authority). The Board also approved an amendment to its Memorandum of Understanding with the developer, Edens & Avant, that reflects details of the financing transaction and includes the Rate and Method which apportions the special assessments among the various properties in the District. These actions pave the way for the sale of bonds that will be used to pay for the cost of public improvements to be provided within the Mosaic District. The bond sale is anticipated to occur in May 2011. [Return to Table of Contents]

Springfield Redevelopment Activity

Former Circuit City Site: This site has been converted into Fairfax County's newest park and ride location. Construction of the 270 space lot was completed in December, 2010, and may be redeveloped as an approximately 1,000 space commuter parking garage in the future should funding become available. This new lot allows for the continuing support of the "Bob's Slug Line". Slugging is a unique form of commuting which allows drivers who need additional passengers to use HOV lanes to pick up riders who need a ride to work. Slugging has operated out of Springfield for approximately 35 years.

Former Chi-Chi's Site: This vacant structure along Old Keene Mill Road was severely damaged in early 2010 and removed by the owner soon thereafter. The Board of Supervisors will consider RZ 2010-LE-013 to rezone the 1.63 acre site for a six story hotel with an FAR of 1.68 at it's meeting on May 24, 2011.

7020 Old Keene Mill Road: This former structure which housed the Bob's Big Boy and Shoney's restaurants was recently demolished by the owner. A by-right redevelopment plan is currently under review that proposes to build a new structure of a similar size to the previous building, but which would house up to three storefronts providing dining and other retail opportunities in Springfield. [Return to Table of Contents]

Celebrations of Lincoln in the Bailey's Crossroads Revitalization District

The Lincoln at the Crossroads Alliance (LATCRA) has a busy year of events leading up to the signature celebration of the sesquicentennial of Lincoln's Grand Review on November 11, 2011. A parade will be held in the Bailey's Crossroads CRD, and is expected to include several thousand participants and spectators. Due to the size of the event, a transportation committee, including representatives from county agencies, was created to help coordinate the event. The parade will consist of approximately 5,000 soldiers/Civil War civilians and local citizen organizations divided into five marching divisions headed by a ceremonial detachment and marching band representing each of the five uniformed services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, & Coast Guard), as well as a large contingent of active personnel from the U.S. Armed Forces and the Virginia National Guard.

Recently, LATCRA, in partnership with the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, with the sponsorship of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation and the endorsement of The Lincoln Forum, commemorated the 150th Anniversary of the Washington Peace Convention held in February 1861. The sesquicentennial conference took place at the very same site where the Peace Commissioners met 150 years ago—on February 11, 2011. A plaque commemorating the event, designed with assistance by OCRR, was also unveiled and will be placed at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Other LATCRA events will occur throughout the year, leading up to the Grand Review. For more information and to view a short video on the organization, please visit http://www.latcra.org. [Return to Table of Contents]

Multiple Zoning Cases Filed in Tysons

Zoning applications for the newly planned Tysons Corner area have been keeping staff busy. To date, nine applications have been submitted, with several more cases likely to be submitted in the very near term. These applications are typically for large land assemblages ranging from 15 to 30 acres in size on sites in and around the Metro Stations. A second community open house will be held in June or July, 2011, at which staff and applicants will be on hand with displays and information to talk with and answer questions from interested community members. Watch http://fairfaxcounty.gov/tysons for an upcoming meeting announcement in the next month. [Return to Table of Contents]

Tysons Partnership Taking Shape

Tysons PartnershipThe Tysons Partnership has been incorporated and has adopted a set of bylaws. The organization is dedicated to an inclusive and collaborative process to achieve the successful redevelopment of Tysons Corner into a pedestrian-oriented and economically vibrant urban place. The Partnership is a member organization that is organized into six councils that address: Marketing and Branding, Transportation, Public Facilities and Community Amenities, Urban Design and Planning, Finance, and Sustainability Initiatives.

Membership is spread among six stakeholder groups or "cones". Voting members include employers, landlords and developers, retail and hospitality representatives, and resident organizations, with non-voting participation from the County, professionals/consultants, and neighbor organizations. The Partnership has begun meeting with an initial focus on transportation (circulator, grid of streets), financing, urban design and the provision of public facilities. [Return to Table of Contents]

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