Spring 2010: Volume 3, Issue 1

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Table of Contents

  1. Annandale Plan Takes New Approach
  2. New Bailey's Crossroads Plan Closer to Reality
  3. McLean Personal Storage Project Approved
  4. Mosaic CDA Update
  5. Downtown Springfield to Gain New Commuter Parking Lot
  6. OCRR Awards Commercial Reinvestment Plan Consultant Contract to Alvarez & Marsal; and, Advertises RFP for LAVC Feasibility Analysis
    Issued to Further Lake Anne Village Center Revitalizatio

Annandale Plan Takes New Approach

Annandale Building Heights MapA novel approach was taken in developing a new plan for the Annandale Community Business Center (CBC), which is intended to provide greater opportunities for revitalization while enhancing the vision of the CBC as a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly urban center.

The proposed plan takes a “form-based” approach - a first for Fairfax County. The plan uses building form and height to describe the development options for properties within Annandale, instead of using the more traditional floor-area ratio (FAR) limitations, since FAR is not a good indicator of building form or project viability. Under the form-based plan, property owners and potential developers will have the flexibility to design a project which meets their needs, while conforming to the vision of the community. Streetscape and urban design guidelines are also incorporated in the plan to help enhance the quality of development.

The resulting plan is expected to be much more responsive to market conditions in hopes of promoting revitalization efforts in the Annandale CBC. Staff has been working closely with the Annandale Advisory Group, comprised of citizens, property owners, and civic leaders, through-out the planning process. A community forum for input on the proposed plan is scheduled for 7 pm April 29, 2010, at the Annandale High School. The Plan is scheduled for Public Hearing at the Planning Commission in June and the Board of Supervisors in July. For more information about the plan and future meetings, visit http://www.fcrevit.org/annandale. [Return to Table of Contents]

New Bailey's Crossroads Plan Closer to Reality

Baileys Town Center District MapThe Bailey’s Crossroads Planning Study has focused on evaluating and refining the concepts and strategies developed by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Advisory Services Panel for the area. The County’s consultant has completed the proposed land use plan, which emphasizes mixed-use development, pedestrian connectivity, new parks, and neighborhood transitions.

The proposed amendment to the Comprehensive Plan nearly doubles the amount of development possible in Bailey’s to approximately 7.3 million square feet. A significant part of this is due to an increase in residential uses for the area, with the intent to promote a better balance of housing and jobs. The proposed concept also calls for a new arts center, a transit facility, and the creation of several new parks and recreation areas. The plan helps to support the Columbia Pike Transit Initiative, which proposes a street car line connecting the Pentagon and the Skyline areas. The Plan proposes the most intense development within walking distance of the new transit service. A new street grid, along with pedestrian-friendly streetscape designs, are also proposed. These improvements are intended to help provide connectivity and support a wide range of transportation modes. Other improvements are also recommended for the Bailey’s Crossroads road network, including new signal timing, turning lanes, and a realigned Seminary Road.

The proposed land use concept was presented to the Citizens Advisory Committee in February and a community forum open to the general public was held to present the proposed Plan on April 15, 2010. The Plan is scheduled to go to Public Hearing at the Planning Commission in June and to the Board of Supervisors in July. For more information, visit http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpz/projects/baileys. [Return to Table of Contents]

McLean Personal Storage Project Approved

McLean Personal Storage RenderingThe McLean Personal Storage Rezoning/Final Development Plan (RZ/FDP 2009-DR-016) was approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on March 9, 2010. The 2.66 acre site was rezoned from C-6 to Planned Development Commercial District (PDC) at an overall intensity of 1.22 FAR. The mixed use project retains the existing office building on the site and permits a new four-story 76,457 square foot mini-warehouse on the existing parking lot. This new facility is designed to blend into the existing commercial properties with a full brick skin and will be one of the first LEED silver rated self storage facilities in the country. The project provides over 600 feet of streetscape, bicycle lane signage, parking, and under-grounding of utilities along Chain Bridge Road, and will create a much needed mid-block pedestrian access way from the higher density residential uses on Beverly Street to the stores along Chain Bridge Road.
To view the staff report and related project information go to, http://ldsnet.fairfaxcounty.gov/ldsnet. The McLean Personal Storage project is anticipated to break ground in spring 2011. [Return to Table of Contents]

Mosaic CDA Update

The Mosaic at Merrifield, the County’s first Community Development Authority (CDA), is moving forward to become a reality. Recent activities include the following: the Board of Supervisors appointed the five members of the Board of the CDA; the first official meeting of the CDA Board is scheduled for Thursday April 29th, 2010, at which time it is envisioned that the CDA Board will adopt its by-laws, elect officers and approve development and maintenance agreements for the property. It is envisioned that the development agreement will go to the Board of Supervisors for approval in May. Leasing activity for the project has been strong, particularly in regard to retail and restaurant uses. Ground breaking for the project is expected to occur in May or June. [Return to Table of Contents]

Downtown Springfield to Gain New Commuter Parking Lot

The former Circuit City site, located at 7039 Old Keene Mill Road near its intersection with Springfield Boulevard, was acquired by Fairfax County on March 19, 2010. The vacant store and unkempt parking lot had been viewed as a bighted structure by many in the community.

The County intends to demolish the structure and construct a commuter parking lot accommodating approximately 270 spaces that supports the informal slugging operation that takes place there. The building structure is currently going through the demolition permitting process and the County hopes to have the parking lot completed by the end of 2010.

Long term plans for the site include a 1,000 space commuter parking garage which would support slugging and transit operations. [Return to Table of Contents]

OCRR Awards Commercial Reinvestment Plan Consultant Contract to Alvarez & Marsal; and, Advertises RFP for LAVC Feasibility Analysis
Issued to Further Lake Anne Village Center Revitalization

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors adopted the Lake Anne Village Center (LAVC) Comprehensive Plan Amendment in March 2009. However, the market feasibility of achieving either of the Plan’s two redevelopment options for the LAVC in the short-term has not been analyzed. Additionally, the complex ownership structure of the properties needed for a coordinated redevelopment of the LAVC requires an in-depth assessment of property owner interests and timelines. While the feasibility of the Comprehensive Plan options are being explored, there is an immediate need to stabilize and strengthen the economic viability of the existing non-residential uses of the LAVC. The non-residential uses at the LAVC have been experiencing high vacancy rates and some for-sale properties have been on the market for extended periods of time. In general, all of the commercial establishments at the LAVC experience a marked decline in business activity during the non-peak (winter) months.

OCRR engaged Alvarez and Marsal Real Estate Advisory Services, LLC to conduct an analysis of the current conditions at LAVC and prepare a commercial reinvestment plan with short and long term strategies to stabilize and sustain current establishments and to attract viable and complementary new nonresidential establishments to the LAVC.

On April 7, 2010, the OCRR advertised a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the purpose of entering into a contract with a qualified firm to provide the County with a development plan and feasibility analysis to facilitate redevelopment of the LAVC in a timely manner consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. The RFP, which will be advertised for 30-days, will culminate with the award of a contract to the top offeror in September 2010. [Return to Table of Contents]

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