McLean: Commercial Revitalization District, Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance

Commercial Revitalization District

In October 1998, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (Board) designated a portion of McLean, which encompasses the entire boundary of the McLean CBC, as a Commercial Revitalization District (CRD). The CRD is a Zoning Ordinance Overlay District that provides for greater flexibility in applying certain zoning regulations; facilitated administrative procedures for development review; concurrent Comprehensive Plan (Plan) amendments with zoning applications; and, special zoning ordinance provisions relating to parking reductions and area identification signage.

Comprehensive Plan

The McLean CBC Plan has three components providing guidelines on future land use and character of development. The first component describes land use, urban design, and transportation concepts and recommendations for the CBC. The second component, the Subarea Guidelines, provides further guidance for the development of each of twenty nine subareas generally one block in dimension. The third component, being a separate document entitled “McLean CBC Open Space Design Standards,” provides specific public space and building envelope design guidance, which relates to the recommendations in the Subarea Guidelines.

Click here to access the full Comprehensive Plan.

Information specific to McLean is available in the McLean Planning District of Area II.

McLean Open Space Design Standards

The McLean Open Space Design Standards includes general design principles, specific design standard for sidewalks, streetscape and parking lot landscaping; and, building envelope guidelines for the McLean CBC.

Click here to view the McLean Open Space Design Standards.

Zoning Information

Click here here to view the full Zoning Ordinance.

McLean specific zoning information is located in Appendix 7 and Article 11-102, Off-Street Parking and Loading, Private Streets General Provisions.

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