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In 1998, with the intent of stimulating reinvestment and redevelopment, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (Board) designated the Lake Anne Village Center (LAVC) as a Commercial Revitalization Area (CRA).The CRA encompasses the entire boundary of the LAVC.

As a important community asset, Fairfax County (County) has invested significant resources to encourage and guide the revitalization of the CRA including: the 2006 purchase of the 16.5 acre Crescent Apartments property to preserve affordable housing and encourage revitalization; the adoption of a 2009 Comprehensive Plan (Plan) amendment to guide the mix of uses and intensities within the LAVC CRA; and, the implementation of the 2011 Commercial Reinvestment Plan that has successfully stabilized and sustained the LAVC non-residential uses and attracted new complementary establishments to the LAVC CRA.

The Planís area-wide and site specific recommendations divides the LAVC into six land units and includes urban design guidelines and guidance on the transportation network affordable housing, green buildings and infrastructure. The county-owned Crescent property is located in Land Unit D. To foster redevelopment in a well-designed, integrated and efficient manner, in 2012, the County released a solicited Request for Proposal (RFP) under the Public-Private Education and Infrastructure Act of 2002 (PPEA) for the redevelopment of Crescent Apartment property, and encouraged respondents to consolidate and assemble additional properties within the LAVC.

In 2013, following an extensive evaluation and public outreach process, the Board entered into a public-private partnership with the selected developer, and to achieve land use objectives further modified the Plan in December 2014. Processed concurrently with the plan amendment, the Board approved the rezoning application in March 2015. Building on this momentum, in June 2015, the OCR convened the Washington Plaza Focus Design Charrette to develop strategies and design solutions to enhance the Washington Plaza, and complement the transition from this historic area to the future Crescent/Lake Anne redevelopment. Unfortunately, the Crescent/Lake Anne redevelopment project incurred a major set-back when, in December 2015, the developer announced that the project was no longer economically feasible due to serious market obstacles.

Fairfax County has invested significant resources to catalyze the revitalization of the LAVC CRA, and remains committed to the Crescentís current mission as a vital affordable housing resource, and as a vehicle for bringing about the revitalization of the Lake Anne community. Though no timeline has been set, the County will begin deliberations about the longer-term implication for the future of the Crescent site, and continue to work with community stakeholders to bring about change that will once again position Lake Anne as a thriving mixed-use area, attracting new residents, while also enhancing the historic and architectural quality of the Washington Plaza.

Download the Lake Anne Village Center Revitalization Report (August 2015).

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