Annandale: Design Guidelines

Download the Annandale Design Guidelines.

Annandale Design Guidelines Overview

The Annandale Urban Design Guidelines (the Guidelines) were developed to provide design direction to enhance the visual quality of the Annandale Community Business Center (CBC). The Guidelines are intended to be used primarily by an owner or developer of a property within the CBC who is considering developing a new building or improving an existing site and/or building and should be taken into consideration when preparing zoning and site plan applications. They will also be used by staff, the community, the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors when reviewing and approving development submissions. Similarly, by right development projects are encouraged to abide by the design guidelines to assist in implementing the vision of the Comprehensive Plan. For more information or assistance, please contact the Office of Community Revitalization.

Update of the Annandale Urban Design Guidelines

Due to the creation of the Volume I: Urban Design Guidelines for Fairfax County Revitalization Districts and Areas, the existing Annandale Urban Design Guidelines (from 2011) will undergo a redesign and minor update. OCR plans to remove redundant content out of the Annandale Urban Design Guidelines to create a new Volume II: District Design Guidelines for Annandale. Any district-specific recommendations that do not overlap with content in Volume I, will remain in the document. Other possible revisions and additions to the new Volume II: District Design Guidelines for Annandale may relate to elements like public art, revised streetscape materials, and complete street sections as provided in other urban design guidelines.


A draft of the redesigned Volume II: District Design Guidelines for Annandale is anticipated in early Summer 2019.

Following the posting of the draft, the County plans to host a community meeting, before incorporating final edits. Please check back for an announcement of the community meeting date.

A final version of the updated District Design Guidelines for Annandale is expected by the Fall of 2019.


Contact Beth Elliott, the project manager for the initiative, at the Office of Community Revitalization at or by calling 703-324-9300.

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