Annandale: Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance

Comprehensive Plan

On July 13, 2010, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved the Annandale Community Business Center Comprehensive Plan Amendment (ST10-CW-2CP). The Plan Amendment covers approximately 200 acres, including all of the Commercial Revitalization District (CRD).

The Plan uses a new form-based approach that provides flexibility by using building form and height to guide development instead of floor area ratios (FARs). The land use guidance recommends a proactive and comprehensive transformation of the existing, suburban form into a walkable, urban, and active mixed-use center. Innovated urban design, streetscape, placemaking, and context-sensitive techniques are also included. These techniques will enhance street presence, integrate a diversity of land uses, and create distinct built form along the streetscape. The built form will relate to a network of usable and public urban plazas and parks at a variety of scales and functions, and utilize planned transit services and facilities. These design and transportation elements will contribute to and establish a cohesive and unique identity, and support revitalization efforts in Annandale.

The full Department of Planning and Zoning staff report, proposed Comprehensive Plan Text, and supporting documentation can be found at:

Click here to access the full Comprehensive Plan.

Zoning Information

Click here to access the full Zoning Ordinance.

Zoning in Commercial Revitalization Districts and Areas

Annandale specific zoning information is located in Appendix 7.

  • Part 1, Annandale Commercial Revitalization District, pages A7-3 through A7-10

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